1990, São Paulo, Brazil

Camila Fontenele is a Cultural Worker, she works as freelance photographer, visual artist, and researcher. She has a master's degree in Human Condition Studies from the Federal University of São Carlos and holds a postgraduate studies lato sensu in Cinema, Video, and TV: aesthetics of the moving image at the Belas Artes University Center of São Paulo. Worked as Assistant Curator for the 3rd edition of Frestas - Arts Triennial 2020/21 "The river is a serpent" at SESC-SP. She participated in the artistic accompaniment of the Web Clínica at Ateliê 397 (2021). She was artist-in-residence in the II Residência Memórias Negres-Natives at Casamata (2020) and in the Residência Educativa e Artística de Si at Fundação Iberê Camargo (2020). Currently, she researches about resting through drawing and writing. Her interests are crossed by fat studies, whale and ocean studies, questions between monstrosity and humanity, and SF.