The video performance ‘Eu, Baleia’ is the record of the sacred reunion between child, woman and the Ocean, where the artist performs a ritualistic dance and seduces the sea, orchestrating the movement of the waves with the choreography of her hands. The dance sacraments the meeting, the surrender and the recognition of being one. Singing is the recognition and affirmation of your own voice in the world. And the return comes with the realization that it carries within itself this “inexhaustible impulse of life”. [Text: Malu Aguilar]

[Conception, video direction and video editing: Camila Fontenele / Director of photography: Malu Aguiar / Artistic accompaniment: Allan Yzumizawa]

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Eu, baleia, 2018 Videoperformance 3′ 59″

Reza (process videoperformance), 2018