In the choreography of the punch, which mobilizes the wrist, arm, shoulder, chest, hip and legs, a contortion of muscles and tendons, the movement of breaking this white wall that interrupts the fluidity of space is performed. It's the dance of fury. The crossing that Camila proposes to us aims to reach the third bank of the river. It encourages us to reflect on this displacement, on how to detach ourselves from the human and bring us closer to everything else. Betray the listening we were taught. Renouncing the human as a process of collective healing, healing in crossing. Presence that rubs the structure, that creates strategies for existence, rest, camouflage.

Crossing to reach a place that still does not have a name is a collective, humid, vibrating gesture in an attempt to imagine a place of arrival so that later on this place can serve as a place of return. Ancestral time/space. Go back and forth on the whale, in waves. Body in accumulation. [Text: João Simões]

[Conception: Camila Fontenele de Miranda / Artistic accompaniment and Curated: João Simões / Texts and Director of photography: Camila Fontenele de Miranda / Performance Art Coach and Camera operator: Lucas Moraes / Sound Dramaturgy: Daia Moura and Janaína Silva / Soundscape: Henrique Ravelli / Color grading: Vine Ferreira / Visual identity: Ella Vieira / Designer: Leonardo Serafim / Executive production: Lucas Moraes / Production consultant: Sttefania Mendes]

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